To Do, or Not To Do!

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I have been thinking to write something right from the beginning of the year, but somehow, it got delayed and time just passed by… How could I have done this? Procrastination and me?!!! ‘Hamlet’ was never a part of me for sure! I have never procrastinated this way ever before and that’s what makes me think back today!

When I was in school, doing everything on time was the ‘in-thing’. All the teachers in the school were very strict too. If no homework was done, then one couldn’t sit in the class. And believe me, standing outside the class in the hallway, was the most embarrassing thing. Even though I was never in that situation, a lot of kids did go through that, but did come out alive to tell their tale!

It is good that kids here in the US are serious about their studies too. No procrastination, whatsoever! No late submissions, no skipping homework either, as all work is graded which shows up on the final report card. The teachers don’t accept late submission of assignments, projects or homework, unless the student is on a sick leave. Every student, well, almost every student, (there are always exceptions everywhere, right?) takes his or her studies and assignments seriously and does them regularly on time.

I have seen my older daughter, now in 11th grade; sit up till the wee hours of the night last year, to finish her homework, no matter how sleepy she is. No matter how early she has to wake up in the morning, (she wakes up at 5:30 AM), she never goes to sleep unless all the homework, all preparations for the class next day are done and all her books are tucked away into her backpack. Though, as parent, out of concern for her health, I do scold her for sitting up late, but deep down, the teacher in me admires her for not skipping her work just to have a good night’s sleep!

My younger daughter, when in elementary last year, would get a project to submit the next day, the tension she would go through to complete it would cost her and me to sit up late. She would only sigh with relief when her work was done, and was done perfectly!

As a teacher, I have seen this kind of enthusiasm in all students in all schools. From the brightest kids to ‘Oh-its-okay-to-get-F-grades’ kind of kids, all of them care for and respect time and deadlines for all their school work. I wouldn’t vouch for their chores at home, which they might not procrastinate but ignore altogether, but I would definitely vouch for their work at school, and sincerely appreciate them for it.

I don’t know how it works in schools in India now, but I am glad that my kids are studying in USA and have learnt punctuality and value of time!


Kyria Tessner says:

Standing outside the class due to late homework would be a bit embarrassing for sure, BUT it might steer that child in the right direction. As a teacher or a parent, you would hope that is the only time the student has to stand outside.

Subhash Karra says:

Things are little different in India,kids are highly committed and their parents over committed, the reasons I could sense for kids commitment
1. No kids to play around
2. No parks to go around
3.No permission to watch tv
4 No proper roads for cycling
And finally No time for the parent to chat

So the only thing which they are trying to be good at is the activity which they spend their most of the time with at “school”.ie read,write and study ,they won’t have any sweet memories to cherish when they grow up:)

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