Live Life, Love Life!

My Loving Daughter,

Look at the world around you. It is as beautiful as you are, and that’s why I brought you into this world. But then, life here is beautiful as long as we allow it to be beautiful. Today, I entrust this responsibility on you to make the world more beautiful by just being you.

I will not tell you, “be careful about the boys you choose”, no, that is something personal. You need to go through the ‘relationship roller coaster’ by yourself. I would not be able to get into your brain but will share your fears, applaud your experiences and hear your screams! It is your life, and you need to know what is good for you and who is a good partner for you. I trust you, and if you ever need any support or help, I’m always with you, supporting you. But if you ever come across any friend who needs your moral support, or your heart to share secrets, listen! Support them in any and every way possible.

Preaching about sex, talking about taboos in the society, or telling you about ‘what the society thinks’ is not my cup of tea. You should love your life and live happily in all situations possible. Nothing is ever right or wrong, it is just our perspective. Live life for yourself, definitely  not for the society. But remember one thing, whatever you do, whichever path you choose, if you are able to talk about it with anybody, then you are doing it right. If you feel that it is something you cannot share with anyone, then think again. Is it worth it to live such a secretive life, suffering all alone and not being able to share it with people who love you? Certainly not! Share your feelings with people you love, build camaraderie wherever you go and smile all the way along.

I will not tell you to become ‘this’ or become ‘that’. I will not ask you to take up this major or that. The freedom to choose your future is all yours. It is your capability and interest which you would know better. All I would say is to study hard, and excel in whatever you do. Whatever be the profession you choose, you should love it and enjoy the job you take up. The best colleges are waiting for you, as I always believe that you deserve the best, for you are the best. Having said that, maybe not everyone would be as intelligent as you, and so might need your help.If someone asks for your help with their studies, go out of your way to teach or tutor them. Skip your favorite serial for a difficult math problem, or give up your ice cream treat to buy a book for someone.

It is very cliché to say that dream big and fulfill your dreams. Everyone is born to dream and make them come true, as much as possible. Ambition means different things to different people, but for sure everybody has aims and ambitions and most of us strive to achieve them. I’m sure you will too, as you are capable of achieving anything if your heart is set on it. And whenever possible, try and help others around you realize their dreams too, and lend a helping hand to the needy to achieve their goals.

As I write this letter to you, I would like to share something very important with you today. We pass this way only once, we may not travel this road again, so scatter humanity as you walk. Help people whenever you can, in whatever way you can. Not everybody is as privileged as you are who grew up in a secure and happy environment. Support at least a handful of the underprivileged and show them a new light. Make friends, not enemies wherever you go. Love is not rare, your heart is filled with a lot of love; spread it as you go forward in life. Every time you step forward, you should leave a path for others to follow. Whenever anybody ever thinks of you, they should have a smile on their face. Be that smile to everyone you meet in your journey of life.

I am proud of you, and will always be. Be good, do good and love Life!

With love and only love,

Your mom for life!

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Barclay says:

I just realized that it is more like a plea and not limitations. Love should come from our hearts. ‘we may only have to thread this path once’.

Kabirat says:

In a world where hatred grows in the geometric, we need this. In a place where power is chosen over humanity, we need such letter. In a community where interests depicting all forms of selfishness, this piece will help. Thanks, for this lovely post.

Samantha says:

If everyone heeds the advice and lives by it, then the world is already a perfect place! This has to be made loud. So beautiful post. Thanks so much!

I’m not a mom (yet) but as a daughter, I appreciate this coming from the heart 🙂 Best of luck in your lifelong journey of motherhood – even when we leave the house, we never leave mom

Emily Rose says:

I loved this post! Very moving and beautifully written. I have a daughter myself and I could relate very well to this post. Thank you for sharing!

Jessie says:

What a beautiful post. Xx

Claire says:

This brought a tear to my eye, it is such a beautifully written piece x

ERFmama says:

I thought this was really really beautiful to read. It’s heartfelt and just perfect. 🙂 I am confident that when she reads it (unless she has) that she will be proud of it. 🙂

Kirsten says:

This was beautiful :-D. Your daughter is lucky to have a mom as supportive as you are. Good luck to you both!

Beautiful wisdom-filled message! Will be sharing with my daughter!

Kyria Tessner says:

This is a wonderful post! I am going to share it with my friends that have daughters!

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