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* Anita Ayela says:

I got it from pexels where it is free with no obligations! I’m sorry, I understand that we should support each other, but the simple reason is that I don’t know how to add your name to the pic! Send me the same pic with your name on it and I’ll upload that. Thanks for understanding.

Oliver says:

First of all, amazing website there! I really like it 🙂
I felt the need to contact you, because I saw that you are using my picture on your webpage under this link

To see the image:
Photo by Oliver Sjöström from

You probably found this image on Pexels or Unsplash. I certainly understand that you are using images, which are free to use and this is perfectly fine for me. But as both of us know, creative people like us can only grow by supporting each other. Therefore I kindly ask you to credit me underneath the picture or somewhere else on your website by simply adding my website with a clickable link as a reference.

=> Example of proper referencing: Photographer: Oliver Sjöström,

Do you think this is doable? 🙂
This would be awesome! Let me know.

All the best
Oliver Sjöström

Rohit Agarwal says:


I am a blogger at & was wondering if you would allow me to write a guest article on your website.

I will provide you with a well-written travel related article. I am sure your readers will like it.

Here are some samples of my writing:

The article will be specially drafted for you and will not be published anywhere else. I will send the article for review after your confirmation.

Please let me know. 🙂

Rohit Agarwal

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