Another New Year!

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Another year passed me by. Another year came into my life today.

Every year on January 1st I feel nostalgic.I don’t know if it is because another year has passed by or because I’m older by another year! Jokes apart, I always have this strange feeling on new year…. I feel as if I have just opened a new dairy and all the pages in it are blank. Scary thought, right? But, it is so true!

When I was young as in when I was in school, or rather when I was a teenager in school, I would start writing in a dairy on the 1st of Jan. A dairy that my dad always bought me or gave me one of those that he would get as gifts from his friends, or colleagues.I did not have much to write, but write I did! I simply filled it with things that happened with friends or about my favorite teachers.

As I grew older, all I would write in my dairy were poems, and short romantic stories. I used to write quite a lot of them back then, more than what I do now. And then, when my special friend , now my hubby, entered my life, all dairies were filled with things about him, and about us.

One day, some years back when I saw my daughter writing in a dairy, I was surprised. I was surprised, not because she was writing one, but because I had long forgotten about dairy writing. I had stopped writing in a dairy when after marriage, I promised my husband that whenever I felt like writing something in a dairy, I would instead tell him or talk to him about my feelings. Sounded very romantic then, but later on, I realized that it is not possible to share anything and everything with anyone! And so I took to expressing everything through poems.

I think in every country, every girl has the same feelings..when there are things she wouldn’t want to share with everyone , she takes the help of a journal or a dairy. It also gives you that smug feeling that you have some secrets to yourself. I have never tried reading my daughters’ dairy nor would I ever want any parent to do that to their kids. Trust is important and so it should be!



Kyria Tessner says:

I think it is common to look back on the year that has passed you by to see what you remember, times of excitement and think about times to change. Good luck in each new year!

ncumbum says:

Hope you have Great day and Year So far.

All writings are excellent. I will keep checking this Blog.

Hope you add more pictures to your content.

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