A Gift of Life!

Wherever we are, whichever community we belong to, whichever country we originate from, there are certain celebrations that we adapt to. One such is Mother’s Day! If you are with your mother or not, if you love your mother who gave you the gift of life, celebrating her is a must! And what better way than a day that has been declared as a celebration for her, Mother’s day!

I know that a lot of people in India must be thinking that it is an ‘American thing’, a ‘Hallmark gimmick’! Whatever it be, there is nothing wrong in making the first woman in our life, our mother, feel special on one day, at least. I agree that she does so much for us that we should be celebrating her every day! I agree! But, do we ever do that? We don’t.

Yesterday, when I was in a store, to pick up a wedding gift for a friend’s anniversary, I was smitten by what I saw. Kids of all ages, teenagers and adults too, all were busy trying to select a gift for their mom, aunt, sister or grandmom, for the inspiring mom in their life! Even toddlers were being helped by adults to pick out a gift of choice for their mom! It got me thinking. In India, we are taught everything except for giving gifts to family members and making them feel special. The scenario has changed now for sure, but it was not like that back then. Gifts are given only to lovers or spouses, not to other family members.

I don’t remember receiving gifts on my birthday either! A new dress, food I loved and a movie or outing, that was all , till we were grown up enough to have a house party for friends, when cake cutting came into place! I don’t remember thinking of giving a gift to my parents or siblings either for their birthdays. The first time I ever got something for my parents was when I got my first salary from my first job!

It is not like we don’t love people if we don’t give gifts. But, it is a way of saying that you remembered them or you are appreciative of them. I think it is important to express our feelings. This is one thing that is lacking in a lot of families and societies in India. We take people and relationships for granted. We don’t express our feelings, our gratitude to parents, moms in particular, who do so much for us, through their life. And, this is from an era, where the mom did everything from changing soiled sheets , giving a bath to feeding a kid, irrespective of whether the mom was having a career or was a homemaker!

Kids here get pocket money every week or month, or some families give money for the chores that kids are taught to do around the house. We don’t teach kids to help in the house, either! Well, this is another topic, for another day. The kids save their pocket money for occasions like this, Mother’s day, and within their financial capability, buy something to appreciate and show their love for their mom! How nice! You should have seen to believe as to how cute it was to see the kids paying at the store with change and small notes for the gift they were buying. I could see the happiness, the pride in their eyes and behavior too!

I will always remember all the mother’s day’s cards and gifts I got through the years from my daughters. They took time to make a beautiful and creative card for all mother’s days when they were in elementary school. Later on , it was small gifts they bought and presented along with their handmade cards. Now, if they are home for mother’s day, they cook for me one time of the day, and take me out for the other meal. They show their love and appreciation in their own way by making my day special and making me feel special. I am always proud of my loving daughters for all their love, care and concern they show so openly!

I am glad that I came to this country, if not for anything, at least to learn to appreciate parents in any and every way possible. I do take time to buy a gift or card and send it across to my mom every Mother’s day and talk to her and wish her. I have learned so much from her, including being patient in bringing up kids and of course, my cooking! I have tried my best to be like her, to the extent possible. But then, mom is mom! She’s the best! Thank you, mom, for everything, and Happy Mother’s day! Thank you for giving me a gift of this life!


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