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Bucket List!!

Welcome to another new year ,2019!

Until I watched an Indian movie “Bucket List“, I didn’t know about the ‘bucket list’! Nor did I ever think of one! Now, when I come to think of it, I feel that everyone in this world should have one! And, maybe, most of them do. Well, for some of you out there, who may or may not know what a bucket list is… it is a kind of list like, “Things to do before I die” or “Places to see before I get a job”, or better still… ” The books to read before I sleep forever”!


It may not be something very serious or rebellious; it could be something fun, something to make your life more exciting. Today’s generation kids sure relate to this and I am sure everyone has a lengthy bucket list. The good part is that most of them find the ways and means to fulfill them. Not just the American kids, but I have seen a lot of Indian kids in America fulfilling their bucket lists with the encouragement of your parents and/or friends.


I always think that this is just one life that we have, and hence we should make it a point to live life to the fullest! Fulfill career dreams, be useful to people around you in all ways possible, but do not leave behind any fun that can be had now and here! If all the people in the world thought like this, I am sure, the world would have been simpler to live!


But, that shouldn’t deter you from having fun in life, irrespective of all tensions and troubles shadowing you wherever you go. Take a little time out, jot down some of the fun things that you always felt like doing or haven’t had the time to do, or maybe didn’t have the courage to do. Make a list, revise it, eliminate things or add things… do this for a month! Ultimately, you will end up with a list of perhaps a dozen things that are close to your heart or things that is a must for your life to feel enhanced. And, find a way and time to do them! Viola! Your life is well lived now!


Sometimes, I ponder upon our prior generation people… our great-grandparents, our grandparents or even our parents. Did they have a bucket list? Did they ever feel like doing something or acquiring something, achieving something but didn’t have the financial support or the societal encouragement to fulfill them? They were so engrossed in their day-to-day life that they might not have given so much of a thought to even think of such things. They were extravagancies for them!

I am sure, in India, this concept was not known for sure. From what I observed in my grandparents’ house or in my own house as we were growing up, the concept of saving money for the future was of top priority. Going on holidays was an unattainable dream, perhaps! All they ever wanted was funds for their kids’ education, for their marriage and for themselves when they retire. So, the bucket list was not a thing at all! All they ever wanted was to live in dignity and not be burdened by loans or debts ever! Fair enough!


But, what about some desires and some unfulfilled dreams? Did they fulfill them ever? Or did they just disappear into oblivion? Or worst still, maybe they waited and waited so someday they could fulfill them but never got to them and sooner than later their life ended! That is sad to think of. Maybe not! It could also be that I am reacting unnecessarily!

As I have seen my grandparents or my parents, I have always seen them happy and contented! For all we know, their generation didn’t think about extracurricular things that we think of today. And hence, if they had a good job, a loving family living together, sumptuous food to eat, decent clothes to wear, good health, and respect in the society, they were more than happy. Well, doesn’t that look like a bucket list too? Yes, it does. And, it is also seen that what they couldn’t attain, they always wanted to be fulfilled by their kids. A person who wanted to play sports would send their kids into sports. Another who wanted to learn dance would encourage their kid to learn dance. And thus, they felt satisfied that their wishes are fulfilled by their kids.


Come to think of it, what is easily attainable today, was perhaps a bucket list for them then! And, for today’s generation, nothing is unattainable as long as it is affordable, and so, the shape, size, and form of bucket list has changed.

I have been thinking as I am writing… since I am in between these two generations… do I have a bucket list? Maybe I do. Maybe I don’t. Or maybe for me, it is not called a bucket list but just wishes which may or may not be fulfilled… Yes, I do want to publish a poems’ book or my short stories one day. I would love to learn painting or start some business some day…..


One thing I could say is that my generation had more ambitions than the previous generation and has more determination than the next and new generation to fulfill them! Isn’t that what matters, after all?!!