Archive: May 2014

Today and Always!

She is innocent and naive, she is warm and affectionate, she is loving and amicable, yes she is always described by double adjectives, as a single wouldn’t suffice or rather emphasize on her true form! Her determination is as strong as she herself is. A winner of singing in her college, a short story writer, she is always with a smile and whole-hearty laughter as she binds the family together! Never a tired look on her face, never saying no to any of her kids’ demands, never differentiating between her kids and their spouses, and never caring less for anybody, even if she is not treated well enough by them, she is perfect!

Some cook to eat! Some cook as a duty! And there are some who cook with passion and love! She is of the third kind. From soft idlis to yummy aloo parathas, from bisibelahulibath to spicy pulav, she has her own recipes and finesse. When the family members and the relatives alike, praise her food, her kids sure feel proud of her. With all the ingredients, all the aromas and fragrances, she adds her love to all the food that she cooks. Her bhel puris, or her vadas, her cakes or her mysore paks, if she makes it, they taste ultimate!

Some are fighters! Some are survivors! And still some are fighters and survivors! She is of the third category for sure! One kid as young as five and the others not too old either, she waving at them out the window of the cancer hospital just before the surgery is not an easy task.  And after a week or two later, walking out the door smiling at everyone needs a lot of courage too. A person who got worried if her kids even sneezed , a person who was too shy to do things on her own, a person when in college needed to be escorted home by her brothers from her friend’s house, that person  fought with cancer with all the strength, will power and determination.

If that is not enough, a diabetics for years and since then she has not tasted sugar nor has got tempted by sweets. A will power so great that she doesn’t feel shy to say ‘no’ to any sweetmeats offered by anybody anywhere. She walks her way to health every day and keeps herself happy always!

She is a role model to one and all. Whoever knows her loves her! She is a mom and only one of her kind!